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By Signing up for our Monthly Service Level Agreement Contracts, we become the IT department you never had, while still reporting to your management of choice. Save on cost, increase productivity and gain peace of mind, knowing that your IT requirements are covered. With a fixed monthly cost, we will ensure your systems are always in good health and warn you about any potential issues on the horizon. We will also provide you with a minimum of 10 hours of support, whether it is remote or onsite.

At Cloudbound IT we strive to deliver the best level of customer service as we know that IT requests are not to be neglected and support should be received instantly. When signing up for one of our SLA or Block Hour contracts, we promise to provide a first response to any service requests within 15 minutes and first action within the first 30 minutes thereafter.

You should not have to wait up to 3 days or more to have your needs and requirements met. When you call for support, you need it immediately, at Cloudbound IT we understand this.

Contact us now for a free evaluation of your company and get covered immediately with Cloudbound IT.